October 2016

  • Five Easy Pieces to SEO

    Five Easy SEO Best Practices5 Easy SEO Best Practices Everybody Should Be Doing

    Five Easy Pieces to SEO- may sound like an odd title, but if you have ever seen the movie,  you will understand.  In short, it’s about a character who denies–wait. I’m not going to ruin it for you.  You can read an interesting synopsis here:  Five Easy Pieces Symbolism.   What I will do, is tell you what made me think of a movie title from 1970 for this blog post.  In the article mentioned above, author described the main character as a depiction of genius/madness.  Which, sometimes SEO feels like to me.  Sometimes, it’s SO obvious, and other times, it is SO obscure.   So, let’s start with the obvious.  And by “obvious” I mean, let’s start with the low hanging fruit of the things everybody can do to make their site more attractive to the search engines.  (And by “search engines”, I mean Google.)

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