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Why Use An SEO Company To Build Your Website?

Organic rankings right from the start will give your company the edge over the competition. With this in mind, we build your website fully optimized from the start.

Creating a new website with optimization in mind, is much more than titles, keywords, and meta-tags.  Optimizing an existing website may take weeks of painstaking effort from a qualified SEO company.  By optimizing your website from the very beginning, you will save money and valuable time in gaining placement with the search engines and enjoy search engine traffic from the very start.  We focus on:

  • Quick load times

  • Browser compatibility (Google, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)

  • Search engine friendly content

  • Intuitive navigation structure

  • Visual impact

  • Relevant content

  • Ease of use.

Since 1998 Clear Traffic has been developing and improving our optimization skills and techniques through careful study and thorough research and testing.  This integrated marketing style separates us from other web design companies that only focus on design. 

Let us design and optimize your website to move your business into the fast lane right from the start


Update Your Existing Website-

Already Have A Website, But It Needs To Be Brought Up To Date?

It used to be just having a website guaranteed a certain amount of business.  Now, there is competition.  So much competition.  Did you know that 81% of people do research online before purchasing a product or service?  That’s a LOT of business.

If your site looks out of date, is difficult to navigate, or does not offer real content to help potential customers make a decision to either buy from you, or use your services, you can lose a sale.  When it comes to designing your business site, sure, you can “do it yourself” or have your brother-in-law’s best friends’ sister put it together for you, but the truth is, if your competition looks more professional than you, has better content than you, or keeps their site updated, you will lose customer confidence.  Think of it this way:  you wouldn’t go on vacation and have your brother-in-law’s best friends’ sister run your business for you while you are out of town would you?  Then why let them build a website that your business will count on for clients and sales?

Your website is both a reflection and extension of your business.  You have one shot to inspire customer confidence- make it count.  Let ClearTraffic redesign or update your website, to include adding updating all of your social media markets.

Website Maintenance Services

Let Us Manage Your Site While You Focus On Your Business

Your business is booming- GREAT!  Let us manage your website and your social media marketing campaigns to allow you to get back to what you do best:  your business.  We will put together a custom management plan designed to meet the needs of your business, with a plan to grow and expand your customer base.  Using your existing social marketing structure, we will promote your services or products, and keep you current with the latest social marketing trends, send you weekly and monthly analytics reports, and strategize with you to develop new target markets, niche markets.

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